We need your help!

We are investing over $1,000,000 to make this happen but what we really need is the community’s support.

Are you tired of feeling like politicians have all the power?


You can help us in several ways. Here are some ideas:

  1. If you are in California and a registered voter, you can sign our petition (We need 365,000 of them to make it happen). To do this, you can download the 1 page petition, sign it then send it to us! It will only take 2 minutes of your time!
  2. If you are in California, you can volunteer to help us collect signatures. We are up against BIG unions and corporations who will fight this, we need your help to get the 365,000 signatures needed to get on the ballot!
  3. If you aren’t in California, you can post it on your social media channels, email it to your friends and tell everyone you meet. This isn’t just about ending political corruption in California, this s about ending political corruption across the world.
  4. You can donate money to help support the signatures gathering efforts (We pay around $2 per signature to our community team — this adds up fast!). To donate , click HERE. 



In order to make it on the ballot, we need 365,000 signatures from registered voters in California!

In early January, we received Title and Summary and we now have less than 4 months to collect these signatures.

To help us get the needed number of signatures, you can :

  1. Print off the initiative, sign it, and mail it to us.
  2. Join us in California to collect signatures from people in your local area.

To download a copy of the ballot initiative to sign and mail back to us or to join our local teams to gather signatures. Email Join@CaliforniaIsNotForSale.com

Thanks for the support!